Savage Dragonlance

Chapter 1-1: The Return of Old Friends

Chapter 1: The Road Travels East

Session 1: The Return of Old Friends

It has been five years since the party left their hometown of Solace, famed for its homes in the trees and the Inn of the Last Home. They went their separate ways to search for themselves and the for the existence of a true cleric, something that hasn’t been seen in the World of Krynn for over 300 years. The Cataclysm has changed the world, making it a harder, crueler place, where gold is worthless and steel has become the most precious of metals. Keeping to the oath they all made years before, the party has returned to Solace to report their findings.

Raistlin, Caramon, J’Lako, Talia, and Sturm meet on the road east of Solace near a stone outcropping used as a resting place and marker that the road is nearing the village. They talk amongst themselves, revealing that all have found news of armies marching across the lands and no signs of a true cleric. Before they can properly continue their trek, a mob of hobgoblins burst from the bushes around the clearing. Their leader, a fat, warty hobgoblin on an equally fat pony rides up, brandishing a blade and bellowing in a nasally voice, “Arrest them and bring me the blue crystal staff! If they resist, kill them all!” Then he turns and races down the road toward Solace.

The battle is fast and furious, as the friends fight their way through the ambush. Caramon easily dispatches a few, while protecting Raistlin. Talia fights a few more, bravely standing her ground, while J’Lako hurls stones from his hoopak sling at her opponents. Sturm takes on more, but looses his grip on his sword, literally throwing it to the hobgoblin fighting him. The hobgoblin proceeded to attack the knight in training with both swords. In the end, Raistlin proves the most spectacular with a volley of magic missiles that riddle the remaining hobgoblins in to bloody chunks.

The party picks up the pieces and continues to Solace. They notice the village is strangely tense and quiet as they make their way to the Inn of the Last Home. Inside, Tanis and Flint are already seated, awaiting the others.



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